Corporate Sustainability Practitioners: Roles Have Changed — Has Your Job Description?


As a sustainability professional, I am drawn to this Muppet wisdom. Over the many years I’ve worked in the field as an advisor and strategist, I’ve witnessed a slow but steady awakening on the part of organizations to the real challenges of long-term sustainability. It takes intention, commitment – and pivots.

I first heard the term “corporate social responsibility” (CSR) in the early ‘90s. At the time, I was a board member of a regional financial institution. Back then, our staff were focused on philanthropy and that was about it for CSR.

By the 2000s, our staff were measuring, reducing and reporting on the organization’s negative social and environmental impacts. They built a portfolio of sustainable products and social impact investments to make a positive difference in society. By 2010, though I was no longer on its board, the organization had fully embedded its social mission throughout its business model and was reaping the financial and brand benefits for its efforts. Over the course of twenty years, the organization had undergone two pivots, as did the professionals stewarding the sustainability transitions. (…)

Coro Strandberg

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