Animation for #BeatPlasticPollution


To promote World Environment Day on June 5th, UK regional animation studio LoveLove Films has collaborated with the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) to produce an animated short film using characters from their children’s series ‘Bottle Island’.

Bottle Island follows a group of quirky friends as they work together to save their home, Bottle Island, from the rubbish that washes up on the shore. Through their eco-adventures, the characters discover the wonders and perils of the world around them.

Using characters from the series, the studio is now producing a short, educational animation highlighting the importance of combating plastic pollution for children, and the everyday ways in which they can stop plastic pollution around the world.

The storyline of the series fits in seamlessly with the call to ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’, the theme of World Environment Day 2018 which urges governments, communities and individuals to united and reduce the amount of single-use plastics in our world. Plastic Pollution is one of the biggest environmental concerns facing us today, with plastic accounting for 10% of all of our waste.

The ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ film will be distributed across the United Nations and its social media to encourage global communities to partake in World Environment Day. Individuals can also share their own plastic pollution stories and ways you are helping using the hashtag #beatplasticpollution.

LoveLove Films created Bottle Island based on their own experiences with litter pollution and its impact on the iconic beaches near their animation studio in Bournemouth, UK. LoveLove Films are an award-winning animation studio who create innovative animated content that has been shown across the BBC, Sky, Channel 4 and ITV. Voices and music for Bottle Island are by Bournemouth-based musician Momo:Tempo with sound design by acclaimed sound designer Tom Angell. Every year, the aftermath of over 3.5 million people flocking to the beach during the summer months can be seen as the natural coastline is covered in litter, much of which consists of single-use, non-biodegradable plastics.

The studio has been working with leading environmental experts to create the series. Associate Professor at the National Oceanography Centre, Dr. Simon Boxall said that “Bottle Island is a fun way of instilling in people, from a young age, the consequences of plastic pollution. Bottle Island doesn’t lecture young people, but makes them think about a better future.”

World Environment Day is a yearly celebration of the environment which originally began back in 1972. The event is celebrated by thousands of communities worldwide with the aim of encouraging global action to protect the planet and take ownership of their environment.

The theme of World Environment Day is chosen each year by its’ host country, with this year’s host India choosing Plastic Pollution as the pressing issue to tackle.

“It is crucial that the next generations understand the enormous responsibility and power that they have. They need to know that they can truly transform this world to make it better and that they don’t need to make our same mistakes”, said the Head of UN Environment, Erik Solheim. “We can’t reach out to them with scientific reports. Bottle Island is a great way to help them understand environmental challenges, to realise that solutions are in our hands… and to have fun with a bunch of rather crazy characters on a peculiar little island!”, he added.


Watch the ‘Bottle Island’ video 

For high res images and more information contact:

Producer: Georgina Hurcombe, , +44 (0)1202 537858

For additional information about World Environment Day and Bottle Island:

THE BOTTLE ISLAND TV SERIES is currently in development with an 11” pilot available and LoveLove Films are seeking broadcast partners



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