Tetra Pak Cube Reduces Costs, Maximizes Space


Tetra Pak says its new packaging solution for dairy, juice and liquid was created to optimize the use of space in terms of distribution and storage, improving costs and reducing its environmental footprint.

The package, part of the company’s Classic Aseptic family, requires less secondary packaging and needs about 40% less space to transport the same amount of products, compared to the company’s traditional 65 ml packages. Every six packages form a cube, maximizing space needed for transportation and reducing costs for manufacturers, the company says.

Customers with existing Tetra Classic Aseptic filling machines can easily switch to the new package with “limited investment,” according to the company.

The new package is now available with hand packing for secondary boxes. It has been in use since December 2018 at a customer in Southeast Asia selling coconut milk as a cooking ingredient in markets where logistics infrastructure is a challenge, Tetra Pak says.

Jennifer Hermes

Source: https://www.environmentalleader.com/2019/03/product-announcement-tetra-pak-cube-reduces-costs-maximizes-space/


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