Wrangler Sources 100% Local Traceable Cotton for New Denim Collection


Wrangler introduced a new denim collection today made with sustainably grown, traceable cotton from five US states. The Rooted Collection helps move the brand toward its goal of reaching 100% sustainable cotton by 2025.

Each piece in the limited collection of five state-specific jeans was grown, milled, cut, and sewn in the United States, Wrangler says. Sustainable cotton used for each of the jeans — Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas — is fully traceable to a family farm in that state, according to the clothing company. Each design has a unique wash, trim, and patch details with the state’s silhouette. The collection also includes state-specific T-shirt designs and three national designs.

“The Wrangler Rooted Collection reflects our commitment to strengthening local communities and supporting US farmers,” said Tom Waldron, the company’s global brand president.

Introducing the pieces helps support Wrangler’s goal to constantly improve the environmental performance and traceability of their products. Besides striving for fully sustainable cotton by 2025, the company’s main goals for 2020 include 100% renewable energy for owned and operated cutting and sewing facilities, removing all unwanted chemistry from their supply chain, and conserving 5.5 billion liters of water.

“The family farms supplying cotton to the Rooted Collection are the first growers in the Wrangler Science and Conservation program, which advocates for land stewardship and soil health best practices,” the company said. “These science-backed methods build crop resilience to weather disruptions while improving yield, reducing water and energy inputs, fighting erosion, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

In 2018, Wrangler published a report that analyzed dozens of scientific studies to demonstrate how specific sustainable cotton farming techniques like conservation tillage, cover crops, and conservation crop rotations improve crop yields, lower costs, and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The new Rooted Collection will initially be sold through Wrangler.com and participating retailers.

Alyssa Danigelis

Source: https://www.environmentalleader.com/2019/04/wrangler-local-traceable-cotton/


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