The Fashion Industry’s Massive Transformation


The fashion industry faces significant challenges when it comes to environmental responsibility. It loses about $500 billion of value every year due to lack of recycling and clothes being thrown into landfill, and it accounts for as much as 10% of global carbon emissions, according to the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion. Meanwhile, the average consumer buys 60% more pieces of clothing than 15 years ago.

But consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about the environment, and many believe it is the responsibility of the brands to protect it at each stage of the supply chain, according to a report by Fashion Revolution.

Brands are responding by making commitments to do just that. We talked with Dana Davis, VP of sustainability for fashion brand Mara Hoffman, about the shifts taking place in the fashion industry. Florian Heubrandner of textile manufacturer Lenzing shared his insights from a supply chain point of view.

3 Key Takeaways

1. When approaching a material, think of its long-term use within the brand. Focus on getting the price down by making a larger upfront commitment, then using the material over longer periods of time. This also helps with the challenge around minimums and lead times.

2. It can take time for brands to gain holistic visibility over complex supply chains and move towards a more eco-friendlyproduction practice. Driving awareness and making transitions early is key to retain market share.

3. New, more sustainable fibers are in development stage, and are set to hit the market in coming years, leading to a wider supply of sustainable and recyclable alternatives. This can also increase the cost effectiveness for brands that produce large quantities of clothing. (…)

Jennifer Hermes

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