Why Leaders Must Drive Change by Putting the SDGs at the Heart of Business


With only a little over a decade left to meet the SDGs by 2030, it is crucial to maintain — or, better said, create — a stable and fair world. To accelerate our actions to achieve the Goals, we need trust. And that trust will grow when we achieve the Goals.

It’s been over three years since the course was set to a better world via the Paris Agreement, the establishment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Financing for Development conference in Addis Ababa. The global movement started a journey — or better said a next journey, since it had already started with the Millennium Goals. The movement to actually achieve these crucial goals is getting into gear, albeit at a slower pace than is needed. More and more of the business and financial world are committed; yet at the same time, the world is experiencing gigantic risks on multiple levels and they are only growing in both numbers and impact.

We face exponential growth of risks

We are being faced with the impacts of climate change in dramatic ways — experiencing hurricanes, floods, droughts and storms like we have never seen before; with enormous consequences for people, planet and economy. In the previous decade, the world’s economy suffered an estimated loss of $2.7 trillion because of natural disasters — this decade will no doubt show an exponential increase, and inaction on climate change comes with the huge comprehensive cost of $24 trillion. Efforts to slow the pace of climate change so far have had insufficient impact — while at best, we have 1,000 days to turn the tide. (…)

Marga Hoek

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