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Allied Feather & Down — creators of industry-leading responsible down sourcing is announcing the relaunch of its proprietary website, an educational transparency tool designed to provide consumers and brands with all of the information they may need about the down lining their jacket or sleeping bag.

After helping to create the now globally recognized Responsible Down Standard (RDS) within its supply chain — in collaboration with The North Face — and gifting it to the Textile Exchange in 2014, Allied wanted to take traceability in the global down insulation supply chain to the next level. The new TrackMyDown platform provides a more robust user experience for consumers at point of purchase and at home. The down used in each product will also now be more easily tracked directly through partner brands’ own websites with seamless integration of a new TrackMyDown widget.

“TrackMyDown was built as a way to turn the down jacket, sleeping bag, comforter or pillow inside out — allowing access to critical performance parameters and additional information that were never known, thanks to a notoriously opaque supply chain,” said Daniel Uretsky, President at Allied Feather & Down. “Down has traditionally been a generic ingredient with, at best, a fill power’ rating to communicate quality to the consumer.

“The overall quality of the down inside a garment is incredibly complex and much more than just fill power, however. Most consumers don’t even know what fill power is, and as garment design and construction change, fill power becomes an increasingly less important indicator of quality or performance. We thought it necessary to develop a tool that could provide some of this important information and engage the potential purchaser of a down product to help them make more informed decisions.”

Founded in Vernon, Calif. in 1987, the family-owned and -operated Allied has earned a reputation as the largest, most reliable and most responsible supplier of raw material in the industry. Through the creation of the RDS and TrackMyDown, Allied is committed to safeguarding the welfare of animals while protecting the environment.

“Yes, it is incredibly important to know where your down came from in regards to animal welfare, but there is much, much more that goes into producing high-performing and sustainable insulation than simply sourcing — and nobody is communicating that,” Uretsky adds. “We always saw the RDS and other standards as simply the foundation for the real work, communicating the complexities and positive environmental benefits to the consumer. But this couldn’t be done without such robust standards in place, and is why we timed the initial launch of TrackMyDown with the first-season, RDS-certified products were hitting the shelves.”

TrackMyDown was born in Fall 2015 with five partner brands: Peak PerformanceFeathered FriendsMontaneDaniadown and Merrell. Allied says there are now roughly 80 globally recognized partner brands from the outdoor, lifestyle and fashion industries using the tool, with more than 100 brands on board for Fall 2019 product lines — meaning, most prominent active lifestyle brands will be using hang tags on every down-insulated garment at retail, creating powerful direct-to-consumer connections and brand awareness.

“There is a lot of misinformation about down in the media. TrackMyDown seeks to both assure the consumer that the material has been responsibly sourced, and also that the material has been sustainably processed, and shows the exact cleanliness and content of each lot,” Uretsky says. “When you see consumers hesitating to purchase down products — arguably some of the most environmentally friendly outerwear pieces available — simply because they are unclear of where it comes from or do not understand how sustainable it can be, we realized it was time to reinvent consumer traceability and education in our industry.” (…)

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