Samsung Releases Pre-Installed App on Galaxy Note Series Touting SDGs


Samsung said last week that it will include a pre-installed app on the Galaxy Note 10 series – and will be available on other Galaxy Smartphones soon – that will give users information on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as ideas on actions which they can take to help support those goals.

The Samsung Global Goals app is also donation-based, enabling users to donate to the United Nations Development Programme by watching ads or by donating directly. The company says 100% of the app’s ad revenue goes to the UN Development Programme.

Samsung is also releasing special edition accessories, including a phone cover with a Global Goals-themed design and a wireless charger.

The application will be available in 19 languages and will be available through and select stores in the US and Korea, the company says.

The partnership, designed to increase awareness and raise funds, will “not only harness technological innovation in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, but will mobilize the next generation of global citizens to take action and achieve the goals together,” says Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator. “Only with a joint effort by everyone – private sector, civil society, and people across the world – can we truly have impact and change the world for the better.”

Samsung believes that people want to help and contribute to causes like the Sustainable Development Goals but don’t know where to start, the company said at a recent event

Jennifer Hermes



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