94 Mayors Recognize Global Climate Emergency, Support Global Green New Deal


At the C40 Summit in Copenhagen, mayors of 94 cities herald a Global Green New Deal to “drive an urgent, fundamental and irreversible transfer of global resources away from fossil fuels and into action that averts the climate emergency.”


At the C40 World Mayors Summit in CopenhagenLos Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti — the newly elected C40 Chair — alongside the mayors of cities worldwide including AustinAmsterdamParisRio de JaneiroSydney and Tokyo, recognized a global climate emergency and announced their support for a Global Green New Deal.

The broad coalition — including youth climate activists; and representatives from labor, business and civil society — announced their support for the Global Green New Deal vision. The mayors’ call came in response to intergovernmental action being blocked by a minority of powerful, science-denying governments, representing the interests of the fossil-fuel industry.

“When it comes to climate action, no one is doing more than cities, but no one is doing enough,” Garcetti said. “We are entering a make-or-break decade for the preservation of our planet and environmental justice for every community — and I am proud to lead C40 cities at this critical moment. Together we will continue leading the drive to protect the world and promote a better, more equitable life for everyone living in it.”

Through the Global Green New Deal, cities have reaffirmed their commitment to protecting the environment, strengthening the economy and building a more equitable future, by cutting emissions from the sectors most responsible for the climate crisis — among them, transportationbuildings and waste — to keep global heating below the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement. (…)

Makalenin tam metnini https://sustainablebrands.com/read/leadership/mayors-recognize-global-climate-emergency-support-global-green-new-deal adresinden okuyabilirsiniz.


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