H&M’s Cos Brand Introduces First Sustainable Activewear Line


H&M Group’s label Cos introduced its first line of sustainable activewear. The fashion brand’s new collection for women is made from recycled materials like nylon and polyester.

Sold online to start, the collection contains more than a dozen pieces including socks, leggings, sports bras, underwear, outerwear, and tops. The items range from $45 to $190, according to WWD.

Nicole Bischofer, head of women’s wear design at Cos, told WWD that the whole collection is made using fabrics such as organic cottons and recycled polyesters, nylons, and polyamides. Durability is also a factor. “Every piece should have a long lifespan,” she said.

The company has plans to offer the women’s activewear in some Cos stores later in the year, the outlet reported.

Cos was founded in London in 2007 as a fashion brand for men and women. Since then, H&M said that the store has opened 290 stores in 44 markets around the world. After launching its online store in 2011, the brand is now available in 23 online markets.

By 2030 at the latest, Cos aims to reach 100% recycled, repurposed, or more sustainably sourced materials. All cotton is either organic, recycled, or sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative, the company said. Currently the brand uses repurposed cotton, wool, and cashmere as well as recycled nylon, polyester, Tencel lyocell, plant-based Cupro, and organic cotton. The company also uses recycled glass and silver for its jewelry. This week they added a swimwear collection made from recycled polyamide.

Parent company H&M made headlines earlier this year by forming a partnership with Sydney-based brand P.E. Nation to create a line of athletic wear made using more sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. In February H&M Group placed third in the Sustainable Cotton Ranking 2020.

Alyssa Danigelis

Source: https://www.environmentalleader.com/2020/05/cos-brand-sustainable-activewear/


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